IELTS Speaking

As said before IELTS is divided into four modules, in which speaking is the one module it had different sections. The time duration is 10-15mins and evaluated between 0-9 bands.

Generally, the IELTS speaking test goes before or after the examination depending on the management which conducts the IELTS examination.

If you are not clear regarding the question asked by the examiner, you can ask the examiner to repeat the question again.

This test has three different sections those are:

Section 1:

This phrase is known as introduction stage where the examiner will ask you about your details and the general topics related to your country, education, etc. so guys prepare with everything not only subject knowledge but also general knowledge.  Time duration is around 4-5mins

Section 2:

This section is called a clue card stage. In this section, the examiner will give you a clue card, which has a main question related with other questions which are given to elaborate the topic. You have to speak for around 2mins without any long time gaps. Time duration is around 2-3mins

Section 3:

This is the last stage in the speaking test. Generally, this section is the continuation of section 2. The examiner will ask you the questions based upon your speech given in part 2. Time duration is around 4-5mins    

This is common for both academic and non-academic IELTS.

No negative marking.

Evaluation is done based upon your language and ability skills like grammar, sentence formation, the complexity of your language, fluency in your language, etc.

Attend the test in formal dress in which you are comfortable.

All the best for your higher education, hope this article helped you to pursue your dream.

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