IELTS Writing

As said before IELTS is divided into four modules, in which writing is the one module which has different questions and sections. It consists of two tasks. The time duration is 60mins and evaluated between 0-9 bands.

IELTS Writing Task 1:

One should complete this section within 20mins. This section is easy when compared to other sections.it should be 150 words minimum. But, Out-off 100% around 40% is evaluated for this task. Here, you will be given a data which you have to describe clearly without missing a point.

For academic IELTS you might get types of questions:

  1. Describe a graph.
  2. Describe a bar graph.
  3. Represent a chart.
  4. Describe a pie-chart.
  5. Show a line-graph.
  6. Describe a map/diagram/flowchart/table.

For Non-academic IELTS you might get types of questions:

  1. Formal letter.
  2. Informal letter.

IELTS Writing Task 2:

One should complete this section in 40mins. This section is valued more marks when compared with task 1. It should be 250 words minimum. Here, you will be given a question and you have to answer it. Here, Out-off 100% around 60% is evaluated for this task.

Different types of questions:

  1. Advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Give your opinion and support reasons.
  3. Problem and solution.
  4. Discussion (discuss both views)
  5. Two part question.

No negative marking.

Also follow the rules and regulations as per English standard.

Evaluation is done based upon your language and ability skills like grammar, sentence formation, etc.

All the best for your higher education, hope this article helped you to pursue your dream.

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